For different reasons, more than 400 million people around the world update their WhatsApp statuses every single day. For me, it’s always business, ministry or entertainment (read; memes).

Whereas the reasons vary, one thing that doesn’t change is the fact that whoever posts on their status wants their post to be seen/viewed, by certain people and to some, the highest number of viewers possible.

To get your post seen by your target audiences you have to post it at the right time. So, what is the best time to update the status? Read on.

  1. When your viewers are online.

Chronological order: the working of the WhatsApp Status feature is that when users click the ‘Status Tab’ they see newer status updates first. With this, the risk of missing an update that was posted several hours before you got online are highest.

  1. When your viewers are about to go online.

Same as (1). The chronological order of WhatsApp status favours more recent updates over older ones. 

  1. When your viewers are not overly engaged in serious work or meetings.

I do not know about your audience, but mine do not check their WhatsApp status during presentations, meetings, church services. I would expect to engage them through ‘the status’ during times when they are not actively engaged in such serious activity.

  1. When your viewers are not asleep

Of course, people’s eyes have to be open for them to see your status updates. If you post when they’re asleep, the chance that they might miss the update because it will have been run down the order is very high.

  1. Several times during the day

Except for a few people, we do not have specific times for viewing WhatsApp status updates. Most times I check because I am free or bored. Therefore, you (As a poster) might not know exactly when I might want to check the status.

The only way out is to take ‘gamble highway’; post after every 2 hours.


I am a new marketing and sales specialist and trainer with remarkable experience in inbound tourism and travel marketing. I have also helped organisations from more than 6 industries transform their enterprises through the web.