Some websites only do one thing; sit behind a computer.
Yours shouldn't


Your website is your business' digital marketing head office!

Our website redesign is a fusion of design and inbound marketing to transform your website into a highly intelligent virtual member of your company's marketing, sales and communications workforce.

Ux Design

Researched & continously improved user experience

Blog + SEO + CRO

Optimized to attract and convert people through Google

Email + Social + CRM

Seamlessly connected with other marketing channels


To further understand our client's business in order to deliver nicely on their goals and objectives, we dig out all the data that we can collect about their target customers and competition, analyse and share with them.

Wire Frames (Layout sketch)

Once we and the client agree on the research data, analyses and conclusions, we proceed to make layouts of the websites categories and pages. This acts as a guide for the rest of the process.

Content Capture and Design

Without content a website would be just a sketch. At this stage, we collect and edit both the text and visual content, in line with the wireframes, business's goals and the research analyses from step 1.

Website Development and Design

And now the code begins. In step 4, the developers and designers take over and ensure that the required look and function of the website is fire-proof; and that all vital systems are included in the site.

Website Optimization & Testing

Developers now give way to savvy marketers who perform key intergrations with digital marketing and sales assets/systems, and perform search engine optimization and conversion optimization and start testing.

Website Launch & Monitoring

Cheers! The website is live. But one thing that makes our process different is that our website redesign is a continous process. From here we go on to monitor traffic to the website, analyse, learn and contin improve the wesite.

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