“At the beginning, the only solution we really wanted to offer was to help organisations, businesses and agencies produce and distribute more valuable content to their online audiences and target customers for optimal marketing results and measurable return on investment – ROI. It turned out the market needed more”

Stephen Obeli Someday

Founded in 2016 as a content marketing outfit before growing to become the first full-service inbound digital marketing agency in Uganda, dreamstar digital is a revenue-oriented digital marketing and sales agency for zealous enterprises.

Inbound marketing is a modern-day marketing technique used to draw potential customers to a brand through non-interruptive means by extending value, establishing and strengthening the brand’s relationship with such audiences with the ultimate goal of generating steady long-term demand for that brand’s products and services.

Medium-sized companies partner with us to build, boost and dramatically turn their web traffic, social media following and engagement into actual sales and revenue.

We are a team of content architects, journalists, designers, marketers and salesmen helping zealous enterprises achieve consistent and predictable long-term revenue and growth through a web marketing and sales approach as fascinating as courtship yet as fulfilling as a happy marriage.


Digital Marketing Engineers

Not just baits, we actually build ponds!

We use development, design and marketing knowledge to build, optimize and manage tools and additional platforms that add value to potential customers & use those tools to engage them over time with the purpose of drawing them towards your primary business.

Content Marketing Architects

The first date is sought, the second is often earned!

Through a combination online and offline channels we create and deliver information of value to the target audience; helping them decode and appreciate the challenge they have and the opportunities at hand, and positioning your brand as the best partner for their success.

Inbound Digital Marketers

Not just baits, we actually build bonds!

Every piece of content we develop, design and distribute serves to engage specific audiences at their stage in the buying journey, giving them exactly what they want for the stage they're at and helping them get ready to make a purchase faster and with confidence.

Growth-driven website designers

Do all websites get outdated? Not ours!

The growth-driven website design approach we have been using for years ensures that websites are designed and launched fast with as few assumptions as possible and continuously improved as real user data is captured and analysed.