I must admit, it has taken more than 1,000 days of study to find the answer you are here to read and I want to assure you upfront that what you are about to learn is the best answer to the question of question of ‘best time to post on social media’ that you will ever find on this planet, at least in this generation.

Without wasting any more time I want us to get into 4 quick leads to the;

  1. Audience
  2. Audience activity
  3. The relevance of your content to that audience
  4. The audience’s attention.

Audience; who are you targeting

The best thing to do with your social media audience is to understand exactly who your audience is, not just guess them.

You certainly have ‘everyone’ among your followers or contacts but in that blind mass there is a relatively smaller population that makes more sense to your offering; if yours is a business you have those who can afford your products or influence others who can, those who need you have to offer or at least can tell, influence or inspire others who do; those are your true audience to focus on.

Audience activity; when are they online and actually engaging?

Once we have defined our audience we ought to go ahead and study their behaviour so we can know when they are online and what they do or generally behave when online at those times. There are multiple online tools for estimating when your followers are active online. 

To determine when your Facebook followers mostly online read this guideTweriod is another powerful tool for determining when your tweeps are mostly active on Twitter.

Should you not have the tools to determine when your audience on any social media platform is online, you can simply do one of two things; check their activity timeline (when they post, recent activity, when they usually view your WhatsApp statuses, etc).

The relevance of your content to that audience; what is the purpose of my communication or message?

Relevant content is relevant at all times – granted but one thing for sure is that a daily motivational that comes at 10 pm, just before a person goes to sleep is, sentimentally speaking useless; no one needs to be motivated to sleep, or, do you?

Thus, the relevance of your piece of content is many a time dependant on when you are sending it. Assuming the audience are active online all-day (6.30 am to 11.30 pm), it would be safe to send your motivational message during the first half of the day.

4. Expectation; are they expecting ‘such a message’ from you? Do you have their attention?

In my long walk to digital marketing knowledge, I have come to understand that the best time to talk is when I have the attention of the people I want to talk to.

When I would wake up to post inspirational messages in the morning hours friends would check my profile for inspirational messages in the mornings. 

A sports fanatic for example more likely than not expecting a sports update on Saturday and Sunday evenings and would engage more with such than with any other kind of information that comes up around the same time.

Consistently sharing a specific kind of content at or around a specific time builds for you an audience of people that expect the same from you at those times.

If you haven’t yet built this expectation then you can start now, but points 1, 2 and 3 must have been applied, first.

So, when is the best time to post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and WhatsApp?

Answer: when your target AUDIENCE is ACTIVE on the platform, your message would be more RELEVANT or HELPFUL and they are EXPECTING such a message from you. 

In conclusion, everyone has their own best time to post and you should determine your own through tests and data analysis. Any ‘expert’ or digital marketing enthusiast who tells you they know the exact best time for everyone is likely just trying to show their sense of humour.

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