Our digital marketing and sales mantra is as meek as; attract, date then wed her, because the primary reason we do what we do is to build business relationships as enchanting as Holy Matrimony.


User Research

Our understanding of your business goals, objectives, competition and the target audience forms the blue-print of every digital marketing work.

At this stage, we use one-on-one interviews and the intelligent tech tools at our disposal to get a depper knowledge of the target audience; age, web-location, interests, sources of trusted information, influence, influencers, etc.

Such data and analyses informs both the overall strategy but content and promotion strategies as well.

Inbound Digital Marketing Strategy

The simple yet famous awareness, consideration, decision, delight (customer happiness) is one we take very seriously, thus an inbound strategy.

Using the user research data from step 1 we prepare a workplan for the whole project. In this are clear audience insights, marekting tools and platforms, promotions and budgets, content strategy, content calendars and plans, reporting framework, etc.

With that well executed, the rest of the process stand a good chance of working as smoothly.


Marketing helps companies sell, but that is only possible because marketing carries content; information that the target audience needs or wants.

With a content strategy and calendar already sketched out in step 2, our content masters now take the wheel to capture, manipulate and make ready content for publishing. 

With our all new mini-studio, our content masters and designers ensure that in their mix of work and play comes nothing short of magic

Distribution, engagement and reporting

Marketing does not begin to manifest until you have someone's attention. Luckily with inbound digital marketing, the exact persons whose attention we need is predetermined.

At this stage we share content through the channels and in ways that are certain to reach them; paid advertising, influencers, communities/groups all come handy at this stage. 

Dedicated community managers then engage with users wherever they can do better than automated boats. People monitor the channels, analyse and share a report with the sales team.