Our story is really simple! Two poets, Brian and Stephen meet in a Facebook group in 2011 and become friends. 4 years later, the journalist, publisher and copywriter (idea-machine) joins minds with the marketer, designer, entrepreneur and salesman (hands-on) to start a social media outfit.

During a conversation in April 2016 Stephen tells Brian, ‘...when we officially start a digital agency… ‘Brian quickly shuts him up and says; ‘Stephen, we have already started!’ Turns out the business had been launched unknowingly!

dreamstar digital joined the digital marketing business (from a living room in Kampala, Uganda) on March 21st 2016 as a social media outfit with a focus on social media story-telling and content marketing for small and medium enterprises, with one simple purpose;

to help brands build strong authentic bonds with customers and target potential customers through helpful online interactions.

We strongly believed that...

‘the brands that offered customers more helpful information, clear direction and authentic openness would win the market with just a fraction of what the richest businesses spend both in the traditional and new media. We wanted to be the guys to help build such brands!

With the stewardship of dedicated HubSpot certified inbound marketers, journalists and professional marketers and salesmen we have since grown and evolved and now offer a full inbound marketing package; websites, social media and email marketing and sales, but our mission has remained the same:

To be the company that helps ambitious brands rise up and stay at the top, by building the strongest possible business relationships with target customers for consistent, predictable long-term revenue and growth.

dreamstar digital was registered in Uganda as a private limited liability company on 30th June 2016.