Raodmap: The Ancestry of Dreamstar Digital

Raodmap: The Ancestry of Dreamstar Digital
September 12, 2011

Facebook Friend Request

Two student-poets met in a Facebook group for poets – Luminous poets and each fell in love with what the other was doing. Stephen sent Brian a friend request and they started engaging often.
October 20, 2014

Failed Projects

Now out of the university, Stephen who was running a graphics outfit and Brian, a budding author and editor tried to do a couple of business projects together, but somehow none was successful. By end of 2015, Brian was already a copywriter with one of the leading agencies in the region, and Stephen, a start-up genius in his own right.
June 12, 2015

“We should start an agency, sometime”

Due to regular failure, the friendship became really loose but the two friends had another long meeting at dreamstar graphics. At the end of the meeting Brian, the author of ideas, brought up yet another business idea; “what do you think about how brands are handling their marketing on social media?” Brian said. “We should start an agency sometime and help them.” He added. Stephen said ‘yes’, but did not think he was ready for yet ‘another project’. The idea was shelved.
October 5, 2015

Enrolling for digital marketing training

In October 2015, Stephen started taking classes with Hubspot and blogging about marketing seriously, with the aim of ‘starting an agency, some time’. During that time he wrote several articles for Emerging Markets Today, Brazil-based web platform focussed on innovation, tech, consumer and social media behaviour in emerging economies, E-technology Africa, a Kenya-based digital marketing agency and Chimpreports an online media house in Uganda.
March 1, 2016

Naming the agency > Facebook Poll

After conducting a poll with Facebook friends through Facebook messenger/chat, Stephen created a Twitter account from a living room in the outskirts of Kampala in early March 2016 and a Facebook page on March 21st, 2016, but was not sure that meant he had launched an agency. It just had just happened.
March 21, 2016

Starting the agency. Clarity of purpose

With one client, Daniel Choudry Sales Institute, dreamstar digital was founded with a simple purpose; to help relatively small yet highly ambitious enterprises build stronger, authentic bonds with target potential customers through helpful online interactions. The agency offered 3 core services; social media marketing, social media strategy and website content development. dreamstar digital is now a powerhouse for all things digital marketing and sales.