WhatsApp Marketing: Winning business with broadcast lists (part 2)

WhatsApp marketing can and should be done with at least some level of professionalism if its full potential is to be realised. In the first part of this two part series we discussed about a few basics including how to get contacts and permission to send marketing messages to contacts you already have, through WhatsApp. You can read that article by clicking here.

Marketing using WhatsApp broadcast lists is comparable to email marketing and there’s one big evil associated with 'email'; spam. And I do not mean only the messages that get filtered to your spam folder but messages that come into your inbox yet you did not want them to, did not ask for them, do not want them, do not like them and worst of all… you hate them.

Unlike emails however, WhatsApp doesn’t have a spam folder but it has something else close .. the mute function. The last thing you need is for your messages to be muted (or directed to spam) because they will never be read.

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Some of the reasons why messages may get ignored.

Here are some of the reasons why your WhatsApp messages may be ‘’marked as spam’’ and ignored or seen and not opened. Not to say that you can even be blocked

  1. They are sent to the wrong people.
  2. They are sent at the wrong time.
  3. They carry annoying content.
  4. They are overly salesy
  5. They have wrong preview text (first 5 words)
  6. Too many messages (2 messages a day even when the recipient hasn’t replied?)

That said and done, we cannot afford to pretend that you can do any one thing that will make every prospect happy, however using the tips below will certainly ensure higher success rates for you, and your beloved business. Now that you have a segmented list (see previous article), let’s talk about creating content for the different lists.

Creating Content for your WhatsApp Broadcast List

Just as you did when segmenting your lists, you should put the following should into consideration when creating content for the different lists.

  • What do you want to achieve with this list? For example; if it is a list of people who have bought items from your shop or showroom, you might want each one of them to recommend at least 2 of their friends or colleagues to your shop or showroom in the next 3o days. If the list has prospects; you may want them to buy an item in the next 15-25 days.
  • "Are the people in this list female, male or both? Are they married or not?" 
  • What is the likely academic level and occupations of the members of the list? Does your list have students, business people, civil servants or private sector corporate youth?
  • When was the first time these people get into contact with my business and how? What were they looking for and did they find it, buy it or not? If they didn’t, ask yourself ‘why?’

The above information will help you know what kind of message to create for a particular list, when to create it and the right time to send it could be. I will not discuss much about when the right time to send messages are but just ask yourself; when would I want a vendor to send me a message? If your answer is ‘anytime before 7 pm… so be it. If need be you can make a little adjustment to fit a specific list.

What about Quality of content?

Generally the members of the list should determine what you send. For example; if you decide to send videos, the videos should be able to load fast, be relevant to the receiver (with it’s message) and above all communicate your purpose.

If you are trying to build rapport with a new list’s members you may send a short funny clip and no marketing message attached; do not feel like you have made a mistake. For other messages please remember to include an enticing intro (preview text) since WhatsApp message do not have Subject lines, the first sentence goes through to represent both the subject line and can lead to your messages being missed/ignored.

The health of your WhatsApp contact lists

Whether your WhatsApp marketing efforts are succeeding or not, the fact is that your list grows old by the day; some people will never engage with you no matter how hard you try. You should there monitor every step of your list-message sends in-order to know who is engaging and who is not.

a) One is not opening any of your messages.

If you see the 2 grey ticks every time you send a broadcast message I would advise that you remove that particular content from the list after 3 sends, and please do not send a direct follow-up message because chances are high that they simply lost interest.

b) One is not replying to your messages

If you see the 2 blue ticks every time you send a broadcast message I would advise that you keep messaging that particular contact. It is likely he or she is still interested in doing business with you but is either not yet convinced that buying from you is the right decision to make.

c) One has replied and performed the required action e.g giving a referral or making a purchase.

Before you sent the message you had a goal, remember? Now if you are fortunate enough to achieve your goal, what do you do with the contact? Simple remove him from the list (and) add him or her to a new list, possibly a list that has other people that recently completed a similar action.

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