How to win business with broadcast lists (part 1)

With 3 out 5 people that have App installed in their phones using it several times every day, ignoring WhatsApp marketing is like hiding your business from your customers.

We can define WhatsApp marketing as the process of using WhatsApp to; identify and connect with prospects, nurture leads and convert opportunities into customers. Or generally the process of acquiring customers using or through WhatsApp messenger.

In the previous article we discussed about 3 key WhatsApp features of you should use, we will not repeat that here. To read more about that click here. In this article we are going to discuss how you can use broadcast lists to market anything, just about anything of yours.

 1. The basic questions

Before you start using broadcast lists, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I have a good product?
  2. Do I have the right contacts?
  3. Do I have the permission of the contact owners?


As a matter of principle if you do not have good stuff you shouldn't try to sell stuff." The level of trust people have in you when you are communicating through WhatsApp is in many cases as high as that of friends and family; do not disappoint them and burn your bridges.

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It is no secret that if you do not have contacts you cannot send any message. Broadcast lists are used to send bulk messages. Like bulk emails and bulk SMS so the recipients do not see each other and none gets to see the replies of the other. To be able to use the broadcast lists feature you need to have contacts of the right people.


How many spam emails do you receive every day? Can you even count them? Over 70 percent of emails do not get opened and this is partly because they come from people we do not want to hear from.

In order to succeed with broadcast lists, you ought to get the permission of the contact owner before sending them messages.

Here are some tips on how to get the permission.

  1. Ask for the prospect’s WhatsApp number. If they do not give it to you it means they do not want you to contact them through WhatsApp.
  2. How did the prospect contact you? If they did so through WhatsApp it is a clear signal that it is okay with them to receive business messages from your business or you.
  3. Ask it a casual way, “may I contact you through WhatsApp?”

2. Segment your contacts lists.

Once you have got the right product, the contacts and the permission to send messages, you ought to segment your list.

The message that suits an existing customer whom you want to come back and buy may not get a new prospect to become a customer. Even in emails, segmented email campaigns get over 14% higher open rates.

Tips on segmentation

  1. Put prospects who are at different stages of the buying process in different groups.
  2. Place existing customers in different lists.
  3. Place people that have expressed interest in the same item in a different group from the others

In part two we will discuss about: Creating and sending the right content to the right people, quality and type of content and managing your lists.


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  1. This has been so helpful to me for instance differentiating between broadcast list from whats app group.
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