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Why You Should Consider Deleting Your Facebook Page

Truth be told; social media marketing, on Facebook for this matter if not done well can harm or even kill your brand! The problem however, is that so many people and brands do not seem to realize that their efforts are earning them more losses than profits. For starters, an idle Facebook page might mislead people into […]

Infographic: 6 Social Media Platforms for Every Ugandan Business

With over 500,000 Ugandans using various social media every day, it is hard to imagine any business thinking of social media as less than a powerful yet cheap marketing and customer relationship tool. The infographic below shows 6 of the platforms every business operating in Uganda should consider, before zeroing down to a few that make perfect alignment with its […]

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Is Social Marketing Different From Social Media Marketing?

It might be an age old discussion but the debate about the differences (if any) between social marketing and social media marketing in Uganda is just about to begin Defining social marketing today. Have you ever felt like buying a particular product, from a brand or attending an event simply because someone or people you […]

The most important aspect of social media marketing

Even the geekiest of social media users make one blind mistake; something like being to busy to do the right thing.  They wake up one morning, create a Facebook page, invite friends to like the page and start posting. Wait, where are you running to and why? The Objectives: What Do You Want To Achieve […]