8 Simple ways of using #WhatsApp to Market your Cause or #Business

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WhatsApp, many confess is easier for communicating today than Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email and yes, sms. In this article I want to share with you 10 ways you can use whatsapp to promote your product, business or brand, without even having to go for another post-graduate certificate in design, photography or marketing. Be Active […]

Thumbs up - complete inbound marketing checklist for business uganda

Self-help: A Complete Inbound Social Media Checklist For Your #Business

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Inbound social media marketing in Uganda is gaining ground at a good speed; the discussion around content marketing and blogging in particular are fast pacing up. That is a nice thing, actually a very nice thing (no need to be mean with pretty words). Inbound social media marketing however is just a buzzword until you clearly understand […]