Digtial Marketing Terms You MUST Know

I bet we can all relate to that moment when we have had digital sales executives give us a good pitch and talk about various digital terms that go over our heads and sound very complicated. It can be a little daunting and off putting to be bombarded with acronyms and terms that we cannot […]

why some brands better on twitter

Why are Some Brands beating others on twitter?

Do you think Twitter marketing in Uganda is a myth?  I think it isn’t. What is mythical according to me is the thought that every brand which has twitter handle is in ‘the business!’ [Warning:  this article has more questions than answers] Last week dreamstar digital published a list of the top brands on twitter […]

kcca on twitter

Here Are Uganda’s 35 Most Powerful Brands on twitter

In Uganda, there’s a perception that twitter is a place for the most political, most talkative, the more educated and well, the Wannabes but to these 35 brands twitter means business. Today dreamstar digital brings you a list of the most followed brands on twitter in Uganda. This list is to the best of our knowledge exhaustive. […]

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How Do You Tell If Social Media Is Loving You Back?

By Stephen Obeli Someday The relationship between me, my country, my business and my Jesus is so unconditional, you can put us in reverse order and we love it better. But when it comes to social media I prefer the figures on the table. I write this trusting that the love season has treated you […]

8 simple ways of using WhatsApp to market your cause or business

WhatsApp, many confess is easier for communicating today than Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email and yes, sms. In this article I want to share with you 10 ways you can use whatsapp to promote your product, business or brand, without even having to go for another post-graduate certificate in design, photography or marketing. Be Active […]

facebook out or in

Why You Should Consider Deleting Your Facebook Page

Truth be told; social media marketing, on Facebook for this matter if not done well can harm or even kill your brand! The problem however, is that so many people and brands do not seem to realize that their efforts are earning them more losses than profits. For starters, an idle Facebook page might mislead people into […]

Thumbs up - complete inbound marketing checklist for business uganda

A Complete Inbound Social Media Marketing Checklist For Your Business

Inbound social media marketing in Uganda is fast gaining ground; the discussion around content marketing and blogging in particular are fast pacing up. That is a nice thing, actually a very nice thing (no need to be mean with pretty words). Inbound social media marketing however is just a buzzword until you clearly understand and implement it. […]

why you should friend your customer and prospect on social media - dreamstar digital

3 reasons to be friends with your prospects on social media

Have you ever received a friend or connection request from a prospect and thought to yourself; do I really need to accept this? One of the first challenges I received setting out as an entrepreneur immediately after campus was about having personal relationships with my clients and prospects. In fact we used to joke about […]

Are Facebook Customers Time-wasters?

What feels worse, on Facebook than someone coming sprinting into your comments section or social inbox only for that ‘fire in them’ to dire away like a storm calmed by Jesus? Is it your fault, is it theirs you may ask. Look, one minute they’re very interested in knowing your price, location and product details, next minute […]

4 Things Uganda’s Top 10 Websites Have In Common

With the rapid growth in internet adoption within Uganda, every company not only wants to have a website but to have as many people visit it every day as possible. In this article we present to you the 10 Ugandan websites that people in Uganda visit the most and some of the things they have […]