These 4 WhatsApp Features can help you promote your Business pretty easily

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Marketing and sales guru  Seth Godin said the Internet is the first medium invented in 100 years that wasn’t invented to make advertisers happy’. And same applies to WhatsApp. However, there are some WhatsApp features that seem to have been designed specifically for marketers, salesmen and business people in general – me and you. An estimated […]

2 Common Emailing Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

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If your first email address was an,, or something other than please give yourself a hi-5 for me. I believe by know you know how making emailing mistakes can hurt. But still,  if you have sent an email message and received no reply read on. Email is the first serious thing many […]

Inbound Marketing Knows Neither TV nor Social Media. This Is Why

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Inbound Digital Marketing professionals often rush to bundle and trash all ‘advertising’ done through traditional media, TV  in particular as the bad old outbound marketing; interruptive, annoying, and no good for this year. But that’s not true – why? Because inbound and outbound are not defined primarily by the media they are run on – […]