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Why You Should Consider Deleting Your Facebook Page

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Truth be told; social media marketing, on Facebook for this matter if not done well can harm or even kill your brand! The problem however, is that so many people and brands do not seem to realize that their efforts are earning them more losses than profits.

For starters, an idle Facebook page might mislead people into thinking your business has collapsed or is already in the last stages of collapsing

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Here is a check, for Facebook: If one of the following is true for you and or your brand please look for the settings button and delete your page right now.

  1. You haven’t updated your cover photo in 2 months
  2. You don’t plan to in the next in 2 months
  3.  You haven’t posted one update in the last 40 days
  4. You don’t plan to in the next 40 days
  5. You haven’t received an ‘inbox’ message in the last 60 days
  6. You don’t like replying to people’s comments in your posts.
  7. You have been on Facebook for more than 11 months but have less than 120 page likes.
  8. You don’t believe Facebook can help you grow your business

Harsh as that may sound, the single alternative you have is to appoint a specialist to do the job. Like they say, average is for losers so be great or quit!

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