8 WhatsApp marketing tips and tricks

WhatsApp, many confess is easier for communicating today than Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email and yes, sms.

In this article I want to share with you 10 ways you can use whatsapp to promote your product, business or brand, without even having to go for another post-graduate certificate in design, photography or marketing.

  1. Be Active on WhatsApp.

Marketing is a commitment and using whatsapp for marketing related activities equally requires commitment on your part.

To get the most of WhatsApp you ought to join it intentionally and include checking, updating and responding to WhatsApp messaging in your daily activities, just like the most corporate professionals do with email.

2. Use a suggestive, straightforward WhatsApp status text and profile photo.

If your intention of joining and being on WhatsApp is business you might want to; use a picture your latest product, poster of your upcoming event or promotional offer and their respective descriptions as your profile photos and status respectively.

The fact is that people will see your contact and profile photo when scrolling through their contacts list, whatsapp groups list and recent conversations; getting them to notice your offer during the process is a gift you should cease with ease.

3. Join groups strategically

If you are marketing minded WhatsApp is one of the most important tools for you to consider.

If you want to promote a product, brand or event you are trying to ensure that your message reaches as many people in your target audience as possible and on WhatsApp this comes easy when join the groups where your target audience are.

For example; if your target customers are Makerere university students, ask the people in your circles to recommend or add you to groups that have many MUK students and are active.But that’s not all...

4. Engage in groups discussions

The only way to benefit your business in WhatsApp groups is by engaging in conversations: Every time you post a comment on a conversation in a group other members see your profile photo.

If the profile photo as I stated earlier is a beautiful straightforward picture, someone might just click on it and boom, a new private conversation might start, before you know it you are in business.

For the entire time I have been doing social media marketing, the one thing I wish for is for a potential customer to start a private conversation - inbox, simply because when in private people are willing to reveal so much and to be convinced much easily.

5. Post helpful content in groups

A motivational quote on Monday morning, a funny video clip on Wednesday evening, a bible verse on Sunday morning will win you positive attention in groups.

Even just saying ‘Good morning friends, I wish you a fruitful day’ is enough to get someone interested in you… that’s WhatsApp. Watch out to see the people that are interested in you or your messages, they might become your first leads from WhatsApp.

6. Brand your content

Facebook is for old friends, buddies and people we went to school with but whatsapp is for close friends and family and you can’t go pushing close friends and family to buy your product, brand or attend your event at every opportunity.

The soft and sweeter way of doing it is; brand your photos. Use photo editing Apps such these, and put a bite (small) size logo of your company beneath or at one of the corner positions of your whatsapp photos so that whoever sees the photo also gets to see your logo - your brand, and get to know something about you.

7. Use broadcast lists

It is like the whatsapp version of bulk sms or bulk email (bcc). However, with broadcast lists, only the people who have saved your contacts will receive your messages. the solution is; crate lists having only people you’ve already interacted with and are sure have your contacts saved. You can also politely ask people to save your number (so they do not lose the number).

Broadcast list can help you follow up and wake up customers and prospects without being pushy; people hate sales people for being pushy and acting greedy all the time, do not be one.

A message like “thank you for supporting dreamstar digital. we have learned and gained a lot working with you and will soon be opening a new branch in Mbale, Eastern Uganda. God bless you, can apply to all existing customers and trust me thank you messages work, I have seen them work magic.

8. Use micro influencers

Even if you want you can’t be everything but thank God you know there are people you know who are what you are not. Micro-influencers are the people who are in multiple houd great influence in relatively small audiences.

One friend of mine is called Jesse, he has his base of less than 10,000 people but they like him and what he does and trust me when he speaks, they listen.

If he posts a good review of one of my products in one of the groups he is in I am certain at least 5 people will ask to get one for themselves, and unlike well known celebrities, there is usually no suspicion that these guys actually get paid to say good stuff about brands and products and that makes their messages to be trusted more thus a high ROI for you.

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