What you can learn from Uganda’s ‘top twitter brands’

Do you think Twitter marketing in Uganda is a myth?  I think it isn’t. What is mythical according to me is the thought that every brand which has twitter handle is in ‘the business!’

[Warning:  this article has more questions than answers]

Last week dreamstar digital published a list of the top brands on twitter (in Uganda) showing that apart from media and telecom companies, top government agencies and general utility companies take twitter more seriously than all the others (including dreamstar digital, by the way).

Using numbers to ascertain the seriousness of a company on matters twitter can be a BS affair at times but having trolled through the profiles, and checked through their content I have ascertained that of the top 35 brands, only one has suspicious following, yet that brand still fails to rank among the top half of the best (it is between number 26 and 35).

Are these coincidences?

  1. NTV Uganda, (the number one brand on twitter) according to TV viewership indices conducted over the past year has turned out the most watched TV station in the country, more so in urban areas.
  2. Daily Monitor, the second top ranked brand on twitter is the leading local brand on Facebook and the monitor website monitor.co.ug has been the most visited local website for several years.

Even more confusing about twitter marketing;

Why does KCCA (that runs a city of about 3 million people) have almost as many followers as Airtel a service provider for more than 8 million Ugandans?

What explains the fact that Uganda Revenue Authority -URA (@URAuganda), Umeme, and National water and Sewerage Corporation – NWSC are more popular than both the Forum for Democratic Change –FDC and National Resistance Movement – NRM, the top political parties in the country?

  1. Why on earth would Ugachick (a poultry/fish brand) be followed by more people than KFM (one of the leading elite radio stations in the country), and UNICEF Uganda?

At least we can all agree that - water is life

  1. @nwscug (National Water and Sewerage Corporation is more famous than both National the ruling party and the leading opposition party.
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