1st Hubspot Certified Digital Marketing Agency in Uganda

Founded in 2016 as the 1st full-service inbound digital marketing agency in Uganda, dreamstar digital is a revenue-oriented digital marketing and sales agency for zealous enterprises.


Inbound marketing is a modern-day marketing technique used to draw potential customers to a brand through non-interruptive means by extending value, establishing and strengthening the brand’s relationship with such audiences with the ultimate goal of generating steady long-term demand for that brand’s products and services.


Medium-sized companies partner with us to build, boost and dramatically turn their web traffic, social media following and engagement into actual sales and revenue.


We are a team of content architects, journalists, designers, marketers and salesmen helping zealous enterprises achieve consistent and predictable long-term revenue and growth through a web marketing and sales approach as fascinating as courtship yet as fulfilling as a happy marriage.


Co-founder, Inbound Scientist