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dreamstar digital is the 1st full-service inbound digital marketing agency in Uganda.

With a background in storytelling, direct sales, social media and supported by the world’s leading marketing intelligence, automation and sales software - HubSpot, dreamstar digital positions itself as a digital marketing, digital selling and social customer service partner of choice for success in the digital jungle of 2017.

Website design, development, optimization, promotion and monitoring, social media marketing, sales and customer service, email marketing, sales and enchantment form 90% of what we do, but that’s just the Acts.

Our motivation is the belief that in an age where the consumer has more choices and access to information than at any other time in history, the best way to win the attention of the right target audience, promote business without breaking the bank and be assured of repeat revenue inflow is through helpfulness and authenticity.

We are inbound, we are agile, we are driven by results.

Our Mission

To be the company that helps ambitious brands rise up and stay at the top, by building the strongest possible business relationships with target customers for consistent, predictable long-term revenue and growth.

Our Vision

We see a world where the most authentic and helpful brands and people rule; online, in cities and the jungles.



Trust is not an App, it's a feeling! We choose to be true to ourselves, our peers and our customers.


We don’t take the opportunity to lag behind, to be held captive by our wishes or plans; we change as fast as we should.


We help enough people within and outside our company so none of us will ever have to seek help.


Something either works or it doesn’t. If the strategy is not delivering the expected results we mold it, change it or trash it.


When it comes to digital marketing there are many commentators that talk a good game, but dreamstar digital helps you make it happen. They have enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to share disability awareness widely through online social platforms. They did a good job engaging the social media community and stakeholders thus bringing positive results towards our programs.
Walusimbi MosesFounder, Director - Special Children Special People